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Fat Loss-Bin The Scales,Go By The Mirror

If I had a penny for the amount of times

I hear

“I need to lose weight”

I would be a very rich lady indeed.


The vast majority of people who say to me that they need to lose weight, actually don’t need to lose as much weight as they think, but they do need to lose quite a bit of body fat AND add lean muscle.

When I point this out most are confused and think it’s the same thing, well, it really isn’t. Take a look at the picture of me above. Back in 2013 I stepped on stage at 136lbs aged 43, fast forward to September 2019 on my 49th Birthday,I am weighing 150lbs but you can see I don’t look 14lbs fatter!

So, whats the answer? Well over those six years, I have added quite a bit of muscles and whilst my body fat is higher than when I am on stage, it is at a relatively lean level.I do not crash diet but I do eat a healthy balanced diet daily. I enjoy treats when I want them because my treats are always in moderation.

If you follow my blog or follow me on social media you will already know that nutrition is the most important factor in any successful body transformations, exercise comes secondary. 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

A huge problem when you are trying to transform your body to something that you envisage you want to look like,is weighing yourself, getting fixated with a scale weight , thinking that if you reach that certain weight it will automatically mean you will achieve that look you have in your mind, which is usually a tight toned body

Well I hate to say this, but if you focus solely on what the scales say then yes, you will be a lighter you-BUT just a lighter version of the fatter you, otherwise known as ‘skinny fat’ .This skinny fat look comes as a result of doing way too much cardio,eating far too few calories,not incorporating weight training and focusing too much on what the scales read. All common mistakes that I see far too many making when trying to get the body of their dreams.

So, what should you do to get the desired tight toned,lean body you are looking to achieve? First things first, get structure to your daily nutrition based on the goals you want to achieve and secondly get a structured weight training plan in place, again based on your goals.Weight training is what sculpts the body and gives it the ‘tone’ and shape you are looking for.

Then buy a tape measure, get ready to take lots of selfie and buy a full length mirror, if you don’t already have one.If you really feel the need to have your scales, then OK however, remember they will not tell you the complete picture  especially as you add muscle and lose body fat.Scales are all calibrated differently, this is why you can weigh yourself on one set of scales and it shows you one number and then use another set of scales seconds later and see a completely different number.

When you use a tape measure, an inch is an inch and a centimetre is a centimetre. When you use the mirror and take pictures, your reflection and your pictures, never lie. So using these pieces of equipment will give you far more accuracy than the scales.When you see that you are losing centimetres and inches then this is one of the best indicators that you are actually losing body fat and not simply water weight.When you update your selfie pictures and compare them to past ones, you will be amazed at the progress, even if the scales may show you have only lost a pound in weight. But take a look at the picture below-Look at how much a pound of fat really is!

Another good reason for women in particular to avoid the scales is, our weight will fluctuate greatly throughout every month in preparation for the monthly menstruation.Do you know that the week or two leading up to my own menstruation, I can easily put on scale weight of 5-7 pounds . Of course I know it’s all water retention but can you imagine if I was obsessed  with my scale weight and saw this type of weight gain in just one week!

If you would like help to get a training and nutrition program in place for your own transformation journey, take a look here at all the plans I can offer you and lets get started n your transformation journey today!

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