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Nov-2023 Italy

53 y.o Paulette returned to competition stage after 10 years away.


I'm Paulette Sybliss , I'm a 53 year old Menopause & Body transformation coach.

I live in the UK but have travelled the world, spending many years working in the USA as a Celebrity Trainer to Janet Jackson and her dancers.

I am a mum, to my soon to be 27 year old daughter.


I have been a health & fitness professional for over 25 years!

During that time I have helped hundreds of women to regain their confidence and self esteem by achieving their wellness and body goals naturally through exercise and nutrition.

My menopause symptoms became noticeable  to me aged 50 and I knew that I had to make some changes, but to also stay consistent with aspects of my life that would continue to  be beneficial to me.


Whilst my perimenopause changes were often a surprise to me, what surprised me even more was the lack of open discussion there was and still is about the menopause and how many women were and still are suffering in silence.

I knew I had to help to change the narrative, the lack of open discussion about the menopause, but most importantly, to help  women by educating and advising them of the ways they can make changes to their nutrition and fitness that can have a beneficial impact on their own menopause journey. 

I look forward to helping you!

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GymBodyz Is Paulette's New Sports & Fitness Gala. Get Involved!


Don't suffer in silence, get yourself back on track with life with my menopause coaching program.

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